The Scientific Committee of the 8th Hong Kong International Nursing Forum cum 2018 ICOWHI Congress welcomes the submission of abstracts for oral or e-poster presentation.
General Guidelines
  • All abstracts should be submitted in English via the Online Abstract Submission Form. Email submission will not be considered.
  • Abstracts will be evaluated using the peer-review process. The selection of abstracts will be based on scientific merit.
  • Applications may opt for oral or e-poster presentation. Due to limited oral presentation sessions, preference will be given to abstracts of higher scientific merit or from different presenters. Nevertheless, the Scientific Committee will try the best effort to accommodate with the authors’ preferences. Participants are obliged to present in the assigned mode.
  • Awards – E-posters received before Dec 1, 2018 are eligible to be consider for Best Poster Awards.
  • Registration – The presenting author MUST register to the Forum.
Abstract Submission Instructions
It is important that you read and follow the following abstract preparation instructions before completing the Online Abstract Submission Form.
  • Submission categories: You may select ONE of the following submission categories:
      - Patient-centred care
      - Specialty nursing
      - Health promotion and disease prevention
      - Health care systems and policy
      - Information and communication technology
      - Interprofessional education
      - Global health nursing
  • Title – The title should well indicate the core content of the study in a concise manner. The initial letter of nouns, verbs, and pronouns should be capitalized. The title length should preferably be not exceeding 20 words.
  • Authors – List each author’s name with affiliation(s), including department/school, institution and country, in the sequence to appear in the printed text. Only one presenting author is required for each abstract.
  • Content – The abstract must be structured in the following components:
      Background and Objectives: stating the key issues, research/service gaps and what the study aimed to achieve
      Methods: stating the study design and key outcome measures
      Results: stating the key findings with appropriate statistics
      Conclusion: stating the key take-home message and practical implications
  • Word limit – The number of words in the abstract (excluding the title and authors) should not exceed 300.
  • Preview – Please check all submission details before submitting the abstract. Once the abstract is submitted, no changes can be made.