Opening Keynote Address
Nursing and Nurses of the Future
Dr Cheung Wai-lun
Director (Cluster Services), Hospital Authority
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Grace Tien Lecture
Envisioning the Future: Innovation, Interprofessionalism and Influence
Professor Afaf I. Meleis
Professor of Nursing and Sociology and Dean Emerita
School of Nursing
University of Pennsylvania, the United States
Keynote Address
The Role of the World Health Organization in Advancing Global Health
Professor John Daly
Faculty of Health
Head, WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Development (WHO or WHOCC)
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Shaping the Image and Value Proposition of Nursing for the Future
Professor Patricia M. Davidson
School of Nursing
Johns Hopkins University, the United States
Creating Tomorrow Through Co-design
Professor Mei Krishnasamy
Chair in Cancer Nursing
Department of Nursing
University of Melbourne, Australia

Research and Education Lead in Cancer Nursing
The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Local to Global Public Health 'Matters': A Call to Nurses
Professor Pamela Kulbok
Theresa A. Thomas Professor of Nursing
School of Nursing
University of Virginia, the United States